Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

Project Data


Eli Lilly

Access Value





Raheen, Limerick

Construction Value

€1 billion



Main Contractor

Jacobs Engineering & John Paul



PHD Access is playing a pivotal role in supporting Eli Lilly’s ambitious expansion plans in Limerick, Ireland.

When Eli Lilly embarked on its venture to build a new manufacturing facility in Limerick, PHD Access was called upon to provide essential scaffolding services to facilitate the construction process.

Eli Lilly’s expansion project in Limerick involved the construction of a cutting-edge manufacturing facility with a significant investment of €1 billion. PHD Access was tasked with ensuring safe and efficient access to various areas of the construction site, enabling other trades to carry out their work seamlessly.

Challenges Faced

Throughout the course of the project, PHD Access has encountered several challenges typical of largescale construction endeavours.

Tight deadlines, complex site requirements, and stringent safety regulations necessitated careful planning and meticulous execution. Additionally, the need to maintain uninterrupted progress posed a constant challenge that PHD Access had to navigate.

Solution Provided

Drawing on our extensive expertise and resources, PHD Access devised a comprehensive scaffolding plan tailored to the unique needs of Eli Lilly’s expansion project.

By deploying a skilled team of scaffolders and utilising state-of-the-art equipment, PHD Access ensured that safe and reliable access was maintained across the construction site.