PHD provides the industry with bespoke access solutions, producing challenging engineered ideas with innovative techniques. Our one-stop-shop enables our clients to be reassured that their projects will be completed professionally, honestly, dependably and safely. Our experience is extensive in the residential, commercial, heritage, infrastructure & power, rail, international, and healthcare sectors.


Scaffolding is essential for a wide range of building projects. The structures we design, and build can be on a small or large scale and are tailored for your bespoke requirements. Our access scaffolding services cover access platforms, staircase systems, birdcages, lifting beams, handrails, edge protection and much more.

Mast Climbers

Mast Climbers provide fast, efficient and affordable temporary access to a wide range of construction and maintenance work. Unlike conventional scaffolding, the entire platform moves with the works, so the operator can spend more time on productive tasks.


Hoists are temporary construction elevators that are powered vertically by electricity driving a cage on a rack and pinion system to quickly carry goods or passengers to a given floor level. Hoists come in various configurations and sizes which are defined by site space and also the loadings they will subjected to.

Rope Access

At PHD, our Abseiling and Rope-based services provide a fast and effective method to gain access to high levels, hard to access locations, and with the benefits of being quickly mobilized with minimum disruption.

Used in conjunction with our Scaffold and Mechanical access services, rope access can allow for another dimension.

Clean Rooms

PHD has gained extensive experience working in sensitive controlled environments for our pharmaceutical and data clients. This has led us to establishing a capability to offer scaffolds built to reliable Clean Room Level PL3 and PL4 protocols.

Throughout the years, PHD has worked for high-profile clients and projects within the pharmaceutical and data sector, including Astra Zeneca for Skanska, BP Chemical Plant for Robertson & Birdsell, Dragon’s Heart Hospital in Cardiff, WuXi Data Centre, GSK, and two Facebook Data Centres in Ireland.


Temporary Works Designing is a vital part of the modular access process, placing stern emphasis on health and safety first and foremost. Our highly experienced design team work with the latest software, including BIM joinery and 3D modelling, and tools to ensure client’s designs are always ahead of the curve.

Temporary Roofs

When it comes to construction, maintenance, or renovation projects, safety and efficiency are paramount. Scaffolding temporary roofs play a pivotal role in achieving both objectives.

Scaffolding temporary roof structures or scaffold canopies, are specialised scaffold systems designed to provide overhead protection and weatherproofing for construction sites or areas undergoing maintenance.

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrap sheeting is a heavy-duty polythene film that creates a continuously sealed cladding around the sides or roof of a building. It is used mostly where a high level of weather protection or containment of dust and debris is required.

Because shrink wrap sheeting can be shrunk tightly to fit round the scaffold structure, it means it is far less likely to come away from the scaffolding or flap in windy conditions.

As shrink wrapping is attached by heat welding the plastic to the scaffolding tubes, it enables a strong and firm hold, whilst also maintaining a dry, warm, and windproof environment.