Rope Access

At PHD, our Abseiling and Rope-based services provide a fast and effective method to gain access to high levels, hard to access locations, and with the benefits of being quickly mobilized with minimum disruption.




Used in conjunction with our Scaffold and Mechanical access services, rope access can allow for another dimension, as viewed in our Innovative Scaffolding Solution video.


Turlough Hill Power Station

PHD Access is proud to announce its recent engagement in a pioneering rope access project at the renowned Turlough Hill site in Ireland. Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of County Wicklow, Turlough Hill stands as a symbol of technological advancement and environmental stewardship, housing Ireland’s singular pumped-storage hydroelectricity plant, under the ownership and operation of the esteemed ESB. With a capacity to generate up to 292 megawatts of electricity during peak demand, this facility assumes a pivotal role in bolstering Ireland’s energy infrastructure.

In alignment with our commitment to excellence, PHD Access is actively collaborating within the ESB framework to ensure the seamless operation and maintenance of this iconic facility. Our involvement underscores our dedication to delivering superior technical solutions while upholding the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Workshops in the Sky

The Compression Truss Strengthening to carry the extended roof at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Stadium in London, UK is a prime example of the specialist access achievements of PHD.

PHD produced a bespoke, radical ‘top-down slung’ solution born out of the methods harking back to the days of the Cinema and the proscenium arch. In addition, by utilising lightweight components PHD reduced the weight of the scaffold by 67% compared to conventional tube & fitting scaffold satisfying the loadings issue.

The work was achieved safely with a mix of abseils access, MEWPs, and the experienced advanced scaffolders who are part of our Abseiling Department.

Read more about the innovative project on the UK website