Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrap sheeting is a heavy-duty polythene film that creates a continuously sealed cladding around the sides or roof of a building. It is used mostly where a high level of weather protection or containment of dust and debris is required.

Because shrink wrap sheeting can be shrunk tightly to fit round the scaffold structure, it means it is far less likely to come away from the scaffolding or flap in windy conditions.

As shrink wrapping is attached by heat welding the plastic to the scaffolding tubes, it enables a strong and firm hold, whilst also maintaining a dry, warm, and windproof environment.

Natural light is able to come through to the inside and offers protection from harmful UV rays. Additionally, shrink wrap is faster to install than conventional sheeting and uses less components than traditional style scaffold sheeting, like elasticated bungee cords.

Using shrink wrapping creates a smart and professional appearance and is often the considered choice for prestigious and public facing projects. PHD has used shrink wrap sheeting on various projects, including the innovative ‘Workshops in the Sky’ Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Stadium’s extended roof strengthening, and HS2 Rickmansworth.