Our approach to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Health & Safety Team In-House


Above everything else that we do here at PHD, Health, Safety and the Environment are our top priorities. Our Mantra “Safety By Choice, Not by Chance“ is one that is echoed throughout every part of our company from our office staff to our operatives on site.


Over the last year we have introduced numerous initiatives that have helped our staff to ensure that Health, Safety and the Environment are paramount at all times. Everybody is taught to take responsibility, to care for themselves and to look out for others. One such initiative; the red, amber, green monitoring card system has proved to be a priceless mechanism for operatives’ continuous improvement. Good performance is rewarded and the Health & Safety team have measurable data that demonstrates the effectiveness of the card system.


We believe that responsible behaviour and our choices affects our communities, our people and our environment. At PHD we aim to minimise whatever impact our project might have on the natural world through careful planning and optimising our material assets. We achieve this in a number of ways, from simply recycling in our offices and procuring sustainable materials to considering the environmental impact at the initial design stage of our service and planning deliveries efficiently so as to reduce our carbon emissions. Driving our processes is an ISO14001-certified environmental management system supported by our in-house team.